OK Supremes Allow Public Vouchers for Sectarian Schools

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that parents can take advantage of a program offering tuition assistance for children with disabilities, even if the parent puts the child in a private religious school.

At issue is the “Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Act”. Under the Act, parents could take a child that is “disabled” as defined by the statute, and put the child in any private school, religious or non-religious. Several educators and former educators sought a ruling that allowing the vouchers to be used at a religious school violates the “no aid” provision of the Oklahoma Constitution (which says no public money may be used to support a religion or religious ideal). The trial Court ruled that the Act is constitutional, except where the voucher money is used for a religious school.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court reversed, holding that schools have had the ability to contract out education for disabled students for over 20 years. The Act simply allows the parents to do the same. Because the parents have the choice, without influence or coercion from the School District, the Act has no bearing on State control of churches. Parents are free to choose a religious or non-religious school.

Read the Opinion Here.

Find more information at the Oklahoma Law Website

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