What’s in a name? Sometimes a lot.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a hoax.  But I independently tracked the story to a news source I know is legitimate.

Police Search for Moron





Canadian Judge Blasts Actions of Divorcing Couple

A Canadian couple presented the Judge with so much evidence of the vile actions perpetrated by the other, the Judge finally ended the matter – with a 31 page opinion blasting each of them with humor and ridicule.  Some excerpts:

“Catherine denied access entirely to Larry from some point in January of 2010 up to the commencement of the four-month hiatus in the trial (May-October of 2010). This was a remarkably bold step on her part, taken without reasonable excuse or explanation. Most litigants are on their best behaviour as their trial approaches. Her conduct reflects the lack of respect she has for the legal system and the utter disregard with which she treats Larry’s parental rights. She is a law onto herself. She is also oblivious to her lack of objectivity in matters of access.”

“Absent counselling, matters will worsen, not improve. No practical purpose would be served if the court were to decree a schedule of counselling for the parties and the children. The hate and psychological damage that now prevail would require years of comprehensive counselling to undo. The legal system does not have the resources to monitor a schedule of counselling (nor should it do so). The function of Family Court is not to change people, but to dispose of their disputes at a given point in time. I preside over a court, not a church.”

“Despite the involvement of Niagara Family and Children’s Services, Ms. Katz, Mr. Leduc and the court, the parties repeatedly have shown that they are immune to reason. Consequently, in my decision, I have tried ridicule as a last resort.”

“A finger is worth a thousand words and, therefore, is particularly useful should one have a vocabulary of less than a thousand words.” (Referring to testimony that Husband “gave the finger” to Wife’s current partner)

“When the operator of a motor vehicle yells “jackass” at a pedestrian, the jackassedness of the former has been proved, but, at that point, it is only an allegation as against the latter”

You can read the story here or, if you have a few minutes, you can read the full opinion, with the more caustic footnotes here.



Your Butt-Stick, Sir.

The first life goal of any lawyer is to make enough money to be able to have a fresh stick up his/her butt every day, as opposed to re-using the same stick for a week or more.  The writer of the first letter has obviously attained that goal.  The last life goal of any lawyer is to make enough money to remove the stick permanently.  The writer of the response appears to be happily “stick-free”.

Read the letters here.




Being a Jerk for Fun and Profit

The New York times recently published a story about Viyaly Borker, a New York man who used rude behavior and threats to drive business to his website.  It is an amazing story of the way online marketing can be manipulated.  Read the story here.

As a follow up, Mr. Borker has now been arrested.  Here is the story from CBS Money Watch, and also one from the Seer Press.

Thieves take the Cap’n Crunch and Velveeta but leave the 42-inch flat-screen

Read the Story Here.

It Isn’t Mine.

It’s fairly common for one found in possession of illegal drugs to claim “it’s not mine”.  This time, however, the denial won’t pass the “smell” test.

Read the story here.

So how did you get caught?

Busted pot growers mistake wardens for suppliers

California wildlife officials say two men are in custody after a group of marijuana growers started to toss bags full of pot into a pickup truck belonging to game wardens they mistook for their suppliers.  Read More