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  1. trying to join the home owners group but I cannot find out how to join. Want to know if an incorporated HOA is subject to the yearly audit requirement in Oklahoma statute Title 18 Section 912.

    • Section 912 is part of the “Business Development Corporation Act, which applies only to Corporations that are created for the purposes of lending to Businesses of funding start ups. Homeowners Associations are not within this Act, and not subject to the requirementst of Section 912.

      Hope this Helps,

      Marshall Dyer

  2. Mr. Dyer,

    I am in the midst of foreclosure (Sale date March 6, 2014) . I defaulted in 2011, have used 3 attorney services to delay the process, filed 2 modifications, the last is still in the office of Mortgage Co (Transferred to Resurgent Mort. Services from Bank of America, Orig note Country Wide). My 1st attny found the MERS clause and was trying to use it in OK as part of the process to delay foreclosure.
    At any rate, in reading your foreclosure law page, I found a couple of items I would like to ask about. If the home sales on March 6, 2014, how long do I have before I would have to be out? There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer on this. It could be anywhere between how many days and months?
    What does this mean? “Once the sale is confirmed, the Plaintiff becomes the owner of the property, UNLESS the Plaintiff executes an assignment to FNMA or HUD;” How does an assignment to FNMA or HUD make a dif?
    I am not sure if there were 3 appraisers on the amount my home has been appraised for. I have alot of equity. Is it beneficial for me to offer them the deed in lieu of foreclosure and shouldn’t that be my absolute last resort? And if so, how late can I offer it to them in the process?
    My entire note is MERS. My 1st attorney found 6 different violations in their processes and we were able to stop the foreclosure process through what he had done.
    My intent is to keep my home. I am an investor of commercial and residential property. I have been since 2001. I own all my own properties. I hate to lose my personal home because of getting into a system.
    My personal # is 918-402-2233. My email is DawneDBasler@aol.com

    Thank you for your time,

    Dawne D. Basler

    • As for the question about how long until you must vacate the property, it depends on how quickly the foreclosing party moves after the sale. Once the Court confirms the sale, you are subject to being displaced at any time. It would depend on how quickly the Plaintiff filed the Motion to have the Court confirm the sale, and after confirmation, how long before the Plaintiff actually enlisted the Sheriff to dispossess you.

      Once the sale is confirmed, the Plaintiff becomes the owner of the property, Some government guaranteed mortgages require that as soon as the the sale is confirmed, the Plaintiff assign the property to HUD or FNMA, at which point either HUD or FNMA (and not the Plaintiff) would become the owner,

      As for the equity issue, I am not able to give specific advice. I can only answer general questions here. Please refer to your counsel for answers to what is best for you in your situation.

      God Luck.

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